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Our team at Maafushi Dive, along with the vividly enticing crystal waters of the Maldives, welcome you to our website and invite you to explore with us, the little piece of diving paradise that we call home.

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The Maldives has a world-class diving reputation. The water’s average year-round temperature is a balmy 29°C and the diving has excellent visibility of approximately 30 – 40 meters. Visibility is usually only lowered due to the presence of plankton, which can encourage Whale Shark activity. There really is no downside to this.

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We can offer plenty of fun-filled water-sports to keep you occupied during your stay on Maafushi. Why not try water-skiing, wakeboarding, kite-boarding, fun-tubing or carving up the clear water of the atoll as you power through it on a jet-ski?

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About Maafushi 
26 Feb 2019

With a population of around 2,600 people and situated just 26 km from Male, the Capital City, it is easy to see the appeal this charming island has.

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26 Feb 2019

From the Airport, Getting to the Ferry, Getting from Male to Maafushi Island, Staying nearby to Maafushi Island, Getting back to Male

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Accommodation and Dining
26 Feb 2019

There are a wide variety of guesthouses and boutique hotels to suit every budget, whether you are looking for something basic or luxurious.

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