Accommodation and Dining

There are a wide variety of guesthouses and boutique hotels to suit every budget, whether you are looking for something basic or luxurious. There are more than 23 guesthouses and hotels to choose from. Maafushi Dive can book accommodation for you, on your behalf, or there are even a few rooms available for rent at Maafushi Dive.

At Maafushi Dive you'll find the widest range of diving and water sports activities in the area to keep you entertained. We are fully independent and are not affiliated with any guesthouses, so travelers staying at any premises are welcome to join us for diving or watersports activities.

Other amenities on Maafushi for tourists include a range of cafes and souvenir shops as well as some spas in the boutique hotels where a relaxing massage can be arranged.

Every guesthouse has its own restaurant that is welcoming to outside visitors ensuring a diverse range of sophisticated cuisine. There is also a selection of local caf6s dotted around the island including beach-side spots where you can watch the sunset with an icy drink in hand, listening to live music or even watch a local 'bodu beru'- a traditional drumming performance.

The local cafes offer cuisine to suit all palates from Western food to Chinese noodles and Indian curries. Alternatively, for a truly Maldivian experience, why not try some of the local cuisines such as a tasty fish curry, a traditional breakfast of 'mas' huni roshi' or some deep-fried afternoon snacks known as 'hedika'.

You have the choice to either melt into the laid-back atmosphere of the sandy-floored local cafes or visit a guesthouse that offers more sophisticated dining options.

Travelers can also maximize their time here by joining day-trip excursions such as snorkeling, dolphin-spotting, fishing or a visit to nearby islands. These can be arranged by Maafushi Dive or through our partner iCom Tours. One of the most popular excursions is a trip to a stunning sandbank near Maafushi that is surrounded by sublime crystalline water and a glimmering reef

Here is some vocabularies that can help you to understand local products’ name : 

  • Bajiya – fish pie with coconut and onion
  • Baj – rice
  • Bondi – pasties with coconut
  • Dhiyaa hakuru – coconut milk
  • Fihunumas – pepper-rubbed fried fish
  • Foni boakiba – rice pudding with coconut milk
  • Garudhiya – fish soup and rice with lemon, onion and pod pepper
  • Gula – fried meatballs with tuna and coconut
  • Hikimas – dried and soft smoked fish
  • Keemia – rolls with fried fish
  • Kiru sarbat – sweet milk
  • Kulhi borkibaa – pasties with fish and spices
  • Maldivian Hedhikaa – a deep-fried snack, which includes smoked fish, coconut flakes, lime juice, onion, and chili
  • Mas – fish Mas huni – dried and soft smoked fish with coconut flakes and onion
  • Rihaukuru – fish paste
  • Roshi – national no-yeast bread (looks like galettes)
  • Theluli kavaabu – croquette with fried fish
  • Theluli mas – large pieces of fried fish with pepper and garlic

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