We can offer plenty of fun-filled water-sports to keep you occupied during your stay on Maafushi.  Get out of your room and get in touch with the sea! It’s the ultimate way of enjoying the Maldives!

More Watersports

The Watersports we have on offer are

Fly Boarding with lesson

Flyboarding is the closest one can come to flying over the ocean. The flyboard has a water hose which connects to a jetski, so by securing boots on your feet which are attached to the flyboard , the rider is able to be propelled into the air or underwater using underwater propulsion and can reach up to 12 meters in height!


Do you love to explore on your own? Why not take a kayak or two and paddle out with a friend? it's a great way to experience the ocean and the clear reefs below while feeling a gentle breeze on your face while getting a little torso workout.