Water Sports

We can offer plenty of fun-filled water-sports to keep you occupied during your stay on Maafushi. Why not try water-skiing, wake boarding, kite-boarding, fun-tubing or carving up the clear water of the atoll as you power through it on a jet-ski?

We can take you and a friend out for a private snorkelling excursion or drop you at a nearby resort or ‘Picnic Island’ where you will not only have excellent beach facilities but can also savour a few cold beers while you enjoy the sun, sand and delectable scenery.

Get out of your room and get in touch with the sea! It’s the ultimate way of enjoying the Maldives!

The water sports we have on offer are: 

Behind the boat:
Banana Rides
– Hold tight onto the Banana!  This is a fun-filled ride on a large inflatable tube that passengers ride while it is being towed behind a boat.  Your job is to hold on and do your best not to fall off – although this does eventually happen, it is all part of the fun!

Fun Tubes – Riding on top of a large, inflatable tube being towed by a boat is some of the best fun you can have with family and friends.  A marvelous way to feel the salty spray on your face as you wiz past the beach

Wake Boarding

_MG_5134 For those wanting to try something a little more challenging, Wake-boarding is being towed behind a boat on a board, similar to a snowboard and using the ‘wake’ behind the boat to enhance your ride.  More experienced wake-boarders can work up to more complex tricks and jumps.

Water Skiing – Similar to Wake-boarding, you are pulled behind a boat and you are able to ski on top of the water.  Riders may use two skis or a slalom (one) ski, although the slalom is usually reserved for more experienced water skiers.

Knee boarding – Riding a board where your knees are strapped in and being towed behind a boat in order to ride the wake.  The kneeboard has fins similar to a surfboard which aids in riding the wake at speed.

Motorized sports:


_MG_2192 Much like riding a motorbike out at sea, a jetski is a motorized vehicle that one can sit on and ride at speed.  It is large and stable and great fun to control and ride.

Fly Boarding

DSC_1169Fly boarding is the closest one can come to flying over the ocean.  The fly board has a water hose which connects to a Jetski, so by securing boots on your feet which are attached to the Fly board, the rider is able to be propelled into the air or underwater using underwater propulsion and can reach up to 12 meters in height!  Each fly boarder has his or her own Water Jetpack which is attached to a Personal Water Craft (PWC); this is what drives the propulsion through the air and water.  The art is simply in finding your balance and it does not take long until you are able to manage this sport and ‘fly’ by yourself!

Hover Boarding

DSC_1219 One of the most exhilarating board-riding sports yet, the Hover board is shaped like a wakeboard or skateboard and is ridden in the same manner.  Each Hover boarder has his or her own Water Jetpack which is attached to a Personal Water Craft (PWC) attached by an 18 meter long hose, which is what drives the propulsion through the air and water.  The length of the hose allows the rider a varied choice on whether the rider wants to play in the waves or on the flat water.  One can reach up to 5 meters above the water and can travel up to 40 km per hour.  This makes the scope for tricks fantastic for experienced board-riders and the experience so much more fun for those without a board-riding background.

Wind sports:

Kite Surfing & lessons

_MG_2506 Kite surfing is an adrenaline-pumping sport which involves your feet being strapped into a board and attaching a harness with a kite to your torso.  This enticing sport combines surfing with Kiting and results in the ability to reach high speeds by directing the wind into your kite. It is imperative to have lessons before trying this sport for the first time in order to learn to control the kite and the equipment.
Wind Surfing and Lessons –Wind Surfing is the sport where you ride a large, surfboard shaped board with a sail attached to it and, using the wind, you are able to reach high speeds or even ride waves by  controlling this contraption.  This sport has been around for some time and still gets the adrenaline pumping!

Catamaran Sailing – If a larger vessel is more up your street, Catamaran Sailing is a relaxing and luxurious activity.  Catamarans do not require extremely deep waters for sailing and can provide a laid-back afternoon activity for the family or a couple.

Paddling sports:

Do you love to explore on your own?  Why not take a kayak or two and paddle out with a friend?  It’s a great way to experience the ocean and the clear reefs below while feeling a gentle breeze on your face while getting a little torso workout.

Stand up Paddle Boarding

This is a relatively new sport that has taken off with popularity at coastlines around the world.  This sport involves standing on a large, buoyant board and paddling with the use of a single oar, similar to traditional canoe paddles, with added length.

IMG_4657With some experience, one is able to ride waves on these boards.  This is a great sport for anyone to try.


Wave Surfing
One of the sport’s most associated with beach activities is surfing.  If you’ve never tried it, what is stopping you?  There are breaks available for beginners and experienced surfers alike.  Come and experience the power of the ocean and your body by riding the waves of the ocean.