Diving the Maldives

IMG_1617The Maldives has a world-class diving reputation.  The water’s average year-round temperature is a balmy 29°C and the diving has excellent visibility of approximately 30 – 40 meters.  Visibility is usually only lowered due to the presence of plankton, which can encourage Whale Shark activity.  There really is no down side to this!

The Maldivian waters teem with an abundance of marine life.  Two thousand species of tropical fish busy themselves amidst the brightly coloured palette of coral amongst which, parrotfish, napoleon wrasse, surgeonfish, batfish, anemone fish, oriental sweetlips, fusiliers, squirrelfish, Moorish idols, tuna, trevally, sailfish and barracuda are common in these waters.

A number of species of Sea Turtles; sharks – including Reef, Nurse, Guitar, Thresher, Hammerhead and occasionally Tiger Sharks can be found as well as several species of Ray, inclusive of Manta Rays, that glide between the organic, underwater architecture ablaze with tiers of color and texture of various hard and soft coral and sponges where Table, Fan and Staghorn Corals can be found.  Those who are fascinated with the ‘finer details’ will be delighted by the numerous nudibranchs and shrimps that can be found.

Dives are accommodated to suit both your abilities and the current conditions.  Those qualified for drift dives may wish for the opportunity to observe large pelagics such as sharks or Barracuda hunting in medium to strong currents.  Alternatively, beginners can explore sheltered reefs and lagoons which are picturesque underwater classrooms.

Top dive sites in the Maafushi area

The majority of dive sites in the Maldives are accessed by boat rather than from the shore and there are heaps of incredible dive sites we can introduce you to around Maafushi Island.

When you book a dive trip with us, we will encompass your wishes; for example to see sharks, dive a shipwreck or search for mantas; combined with the given  weather, current and tidal conditions for the best all round dive possible.    

Kuda Giri Wreck

The site consists of a small thila adjacent to the wreck of a cargo boat which is encrusted with ornate hard and soft coral and sponges. The bow lies at 18m and the stern at 30m. It is an intriguing area for exploration, where lionfish, fusiliers, octopuses and if you’re lucky some nudibranchs and a frogfish can be spotted.

Guraidhoo Corner

Guraidhoo Corner usually has a medium-strong current and so is a great spot to watch Whitetip Reef Sharks, Blacktip Reef Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, Giant Tuna and Trevally hunting and hovering in the current. You might need to grab on to a rock or use a hook to keep your position as you watch them. Then you can move on and drift past the reef where Moray Eels, Turtles and sharks, amongst other pelagics, can be spotted.

Cocoa Corner

This very alluring dive site is another good spot to watch reef sharks and large fish like tuna and barracudas hunting, usually at about 20-25m. The intriguing underwater landscape features overhangs and caves adorned with hard and soft corals and sea fans dotted with lionfish, moray eels, pufferfish and anemone fish lurking from 7m to approximately 30m.