With a population of around 2600 people and just 26 km from Male, the Capital City, it is easy to see the appeal this charming island has.

Not only do you have access to the world-famous sun-kissed beaches embraced by the crystal blue ocean and framed by the palm trees rustling in the eternal summer breeze but you are also privileged enough to explore the ‘real’ Maldives as you are situated in a friendly, local community where fishing has been the main economy for generations.  You are thus awarded with the opportunity to explore the unique scenery of candy-colored bungalows with shaded ‘jolis’ – a Maldivian swinging chair that hangs from a tree – epitomizing the relaxed Maldivian Lifestyle.

The Maldives has a rich and diverse cultural heritage; however Islam is the only religion in the Maldives.  The dress code is modest outside of tourist resorts as a sign of respect.  Maafushi has made special arrangements with the Island Council for tourists to sunbathe in bikinis on the private tourist beach (available to all tourists on the island) and is discreetly tucked away behind some palm-leaf screens.  This is very fortunate as the Maldivian law does not permit bikinis on most inhabited beaches.