PADI eLearning

Let’s face it, you didn’t fly half way around the world just to sit in a classroom and listen to someone waffle on about scuba diving. You’ve come here to actually go scuba diving and the sooner that starts to happen the better!

If you’re wanting to do a diving course anywhere in the Maldives, there’s no need to wait until you get here to complete the theory portion of your training. In this day and age you can do almost everything over the internet and getting started with your PADI diving certification is no exception. PADI has developed an eLearning portal to give student divers this convenient option of studying in the comfort of their own home and completing the course theory ahead of their vacation.

Learn to Dive

The portal supports all of the most popular PADI courses in English. Other language support is also available for at least the open Water Diver Course. For more information on what courses are supported and in which languages see the list below.

How does it work?

It’s simple, you go to the PADI eLearning Portal and follow the instructions to sign up for an eLearning course.

You’ll need a credit card to pay PADI directly for your eLearning access. This payment gives you a lifetime’s access to an on-line version of your course manual so you don’t need to carry heavy books around with you on vacation either. You’ll also have access to a virtual classroom which systematically introduces you to the course manual content and periodically quizes you to test your understanding. For certain courses there is also a final exam to be taken at the end of the virtual classroom training. Your virtual classroom access is valid for a period of one year.

Throughout your theory training, PADI will update us on your eLearning progress and once you complete the theory and finish the final exam, we will recieve confirmation that you have done so. For your own peace of mind you can print an eRecord of your course results and bring it with you to show as proof of having completed all of the eLearning related to your course.

Completing the rest of the course training

If you’re looking to get Open Water certified then you can even go one step further to speed things up. Before flying out here you can complete all of the shallow water training at a Dive Center near you. Show them a print out of your eReport and ask them to do all of the confined water training with you. They will charge you a fee for this of course but it means that you can get right into the exciting open water dives of your course, when you arrive here on holiday. After you’ve completed the confined water training, please make sure that your instructor fills out and signs an Open Water Diver course referral form detailing all of the skills that he has practised with you. You’ll need to bring this to us a proof of having completed the shallow water training.

Which Courses are available through eLearning?

Open Water Diver –  Includes online manual, knowledge development and final exam

Advanced Open Water Diver – Includes knowledge development for 7 Adventure Dives. Please check with us which adventure dives you’ll be doing before signing up.

Rescue Diver – Includes the rescue Video, Knowledge Reviews and Final Exam.

Enriched Air Nitrox –  Includes the Enriched air Video, Knowledge Reviews & Exams.

Digital Underwater Photographer – Introduces you to taking digital photos underwater and how to edit them using computer software.

Scuba Tune Up –  Refresh your diving theory online before doing the same with your skills in the water.

PADI Divemaster Online –  Complete chapters 2-9 of the Divemaster Manual, watch the Divemaster video and complete all knowledge reviews. The final exams must be taken at a PADI centre.