Discover Scuba Diving

IMG_5319Have you ever wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater or to feel as close to weightless as possible on earth, whilst being surrounded by hundreds of magnificent tropical fish? In the Maldives this opportunity is literally right on your doorstep. Through the PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience programme our instructors can take you on a guided underwater tour of a Maldives coral reef.

You don’t need to have a diving license or any kind of formal training either. The programme will lead you through everything you need to know to be able to safely participate in a guided reef dive.

If you’re someone who loves to be in the water, then this is definitely one of the most amazing activities that you can enjoy in this divers’ paradise. The whole programme takes about 3 hours and by the end of it you’ll feel like you’ve done something totally worthwhile with your day.

What’s involved?

  • The formal bit – Once we’ve welcomed you at the Dive Center, we’ll ask you to fill in a Discover Scuba Diving registration form and try on some diving gear for proper fit. Thereafter your instructor will give you a briefing on how to dive safely as well as explain to you how your equipment works and what sort of skills you’ll be learning underwater.
  • The learning bit – Soon we’ll be leaving the classroom behind us and heading out by boat to a shallow sandy area of the lagoon. Here, in very shallow water, we’ll help you master a few basic skills that everyone participating in scuba diving should be comfortable with. Please try to focus on what your instructor is showing you and don’t be too distracted by all the fish!  There will be plenty more to come in the next stage!
  • This is what you’ve been looking for – Finally, after a short trip by boat to a nearby reef, you and your instructor enter the water to enjoy a real dive in the Maldives. It takes a few moments to get familiar with your surroundings but once you’ve settled into a comfortable diving pattern you really start to appreciate how amazing the underwater world is! Relax, breathe deeply and slowly and enjoy the ride. You’ll be surprised how quickly the time goes by as you’re flying underwater.

Who can participate?

  • The minimum age for participants is 10 years old. Participants under the age of 18 will need the consent of a parent or legal guardian who should be with the child to sign the form. There is no maximum age.
  • Participants should be in good health. A part of the programme paperwork includes a medical statement by which you self-asses your fitness for diving. Individuals who are suffering from allergies or colds might experience difficulty in participating on the dive portion of the experience. If in doubt, please refer to a copy of the medical statement and/or consult your physician.
  • Please be advised that there is a 24-hour no diving before flying policy in effect in the Maldives. It’s better to schedule any diving related activities early on in your travel plans to avoid conflict with this local law. We would hate to turn you away simply because you are flying the next day.

Where and When?

  • We meet daily at 1:30 pm at the dive centre to begin the formal part of the experience. Please don’t be late. We will wait for 10 minutes for late guests and then we will begin without them. You can find our location on Google maps by visiting the Contact Us Page as well as directions on how to get here. We look forward to welcoming you at our dive centre.

How can I book?

  • You can book via email or you can call us on 00960 911116 at our Maafushi Dive. We would appreciate it if you could let us know before 6pm of the day before you plan to join the Discover Scuba Diving experience. Due to strict training ratios of participants to instructors, we may not be able to accommodate you if you make a late booking.

Got the Bug?

  • Quite often people who try out scuba diving through the Discover Scuba Diving program also discover that they would like to become a certified diver. Fantastic! If you’ve already done a DSD with us then we’ll discount the cost of your DSD experience from the Open Water Diver course price. If you’ve done a DSD somewhere else with another dive operator within the last 12 months then we’re happy to offer you a 50 US$ discount on the Open Water Diver Course. You’ll need to show us proof of having done the DSD, either on-line or by presenting us with your DSD participant certificate.

Also known as “getting your PADI”, the Open Water Diver Certification unlocks the door to a huge variety of diving related adventures and travel opportunities. Once you get certified you’ll never consider another vacation destination without at least wondering whether there are any good diving spots nearby. The Open water Diver license is a lifetime certification accredited by PADI and is accepted worldwide by other dive operators as proof of your diving training. It is the world’s most popular scuba course, and has introduced millions of people to the adventurous diving lifestyle.