Diving Courses

IMG_8642Diving Courses

Are you looking to explore diving but you have never dived before? We offer a wide range of PADI courses for everyone. You are bound to find something here that you will enjoy. Follow the linked information below to lead you to a more detailed description of courses that might interest you.

I’d like to try out diving or get my PADI licence

The Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) programme is the perfect way of finding out if diving is for you. This will take place in a safe and carefully monitored environment. After a short introduction to diving, given by your PADI instructor, you will be ready to practice some essential skills in shallow water before going on an actual reef dive in the Maldives! The whole experience takes around 3 hours to complete and you will feel an enormous sense of accomplishment as these are small but vital steps.

If you have already decided that you absolutely have to get your full PADI diving license then join an Open Water Diver Course and become a PADI-certified diver! Often participants who have enjoyed the DSD experience decide to go on to get their full certification. It takes only 3 or 4 days to complete the course and it’s a great way to get properly acquainted with the underwater world and understand more about diving. Find out more about the course and what’s involved in the full course description.

I am already certified and I want to go further

Be daring with the ‘Adventures in Diving Programme’ and get certified as an Adventure Diver. You will be able to add a number of dynamic elements to your diving skills such as underwater photography or night dives and it will also bring you closer to becoming a fully-fledged Advanced Open Water Diver!

As well as taking you deeper, the Advanced Open Water Diver course introduces you to a wider range of diving activities by letting you sample them first hand. Broaden your horizons, visit exciting new places like shipwrecks and experience an exhilarating drift dive!

If you’re interested in learning more about diving safety and responsibilities then becoming a Rescue Diver is a worthwhile and rewarding ambition! You’ll also be attending an Emergency First Response course which teaches you first aid and basic life support skills such as CPR.

If Diving is your ultimate passion and you cannot seem to get enough of it, why not become the best of the best with a PADI Master Scuba Diver rating. It’s the highest non-professional rating in PADI and an achievement to be proud of!

So you want to become a dive professional?

For those dedicated individuals to whom diving has become more than just an Adventure but rather a way of life, the PADI Divemaster program opens the door for you to turn diving into a career. It is challenging plus you need to be committed to work and study hard but ultimately the rewards are well worth the time that you put in!

I want to start immediately!

Through the PADI e-Learning portal you can begin your training right now! By signing up for an e-Learning course you can complete all of the course theory on-line in the comfort of your own home or office. This convenient option saves you from spending a full day of your precious holiday time in the classroom and lets you get started right away with the more exciting water based training. The most popular courses are all supported in English and a number of other languages. We highly recommend this option, especially for travellers who may have only a short time to visit this beautiful country.