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Our team at Maafushi Dive, along with the vividly enticing crystal waters of the Maldives, welcome you to our website and invite you to explore with us, the little piece of diving paradise that we call home.  Maafushi Dive; a professional scuba diving operation; is the ideal way in which to share in the enjoyment of the spectacular under-water landscapes and sea life.  Our affordable packages; high-quality standards of diving equipment and careful planning and organisation by our professional staff is enhanced by our local knowledge of the dive sites on the island.


At Maafushi Dive, we are firm believers in peace of mind for both our instructors and our clients.  Our enthusiastic, highly-qualified members of staff ensure that all customers are fitted with safe and reliable equipment, giving them the confidence to focus on the marvellous experience that diving provides and increases the chances of success during their dive training.  Our staff speak multiple languages and are on hand to show you the very best of what the Maldives has to offer. Perhaps you want to go diving with sharks; explore a mysterious shipwreck; navigate an underwater island, known as a thila, or search for mantas and whale sharks. At Maafushi Dive we can help make your dream become a reality.

IMG_5306With our experienced dive team you can explore some superb dive sites in the Maafushi area.  The Maldivian waters glisten with an array of marine species.  As a diver, one is endlessly amused by rays graciously swooning and turtles gliding above you, eels curiously peering out of their caves, an octopus slithering over the coral or a lionfish fanning out his long, glorious fins.  For those fascinated by macro life, nudibranchs and shrimpfish are just waiting to be admired.

A wide variety of dives are available including wreck dives, night dives, channel dives and drift dives (for the best chance of spotting sharks) and all kinds of exquisite underwater topography awaits you including thilas, caves, berus and giris.

If you’ve never dived before, our experienced staff would be happy to explain and show you why diving is so exciting with a Discover Scuba Diving adventure or if you choose to become a qualified diver we will teach you with the PADI Open Water Course. This takes an average of three or four days to become a PADI certified Open Water Diver utilizing a combination of classroom learning, multiple choice quizzes and practical assessment.

If you’re already a certified diver and you’re interested in expanding your knowledge, Maafushi Dive also offers a range of PADI courses including Advanced Open Water and Instructor courses.

Learning with Maafushi Dive is fun but we always put your safety first. We have fully-trained staff and first aid equipment at the dive center as well as on board all our diving vessels.

Diving with us costs a fraction of the price that you would pay to dive at a resort but we still deliver the same quality services, if not better.  Our equipment is kept in mint condition and all of our staff are PADI-trained so you can rest assured that when you dive with Maafushi Dive, your safety is of paramount importance to us.

If you don’t have your own diving equipment, we have a range of equipment for hire including wetsuits, masks, fins, weights and weigh belts, BCDs and regulators. The water in the Maldives is an average of 29°C throughout the year so most divers use ‘shorty’ wetsuits or even dive in rash vests and shorts.

Adrenaline-pumping water-sports are also available at Maafushi Dive. You can hire a range of equipment or learn how to master some new skills. The watersports we offer include windsurfing, snorkelling, fun-tubing, kayaking, kite-boarding and jet-skiing.

Company description:


Maafushi Dive is managed by experts with a solid background in diving and tourism. We are registered with PADI and hold a licence from the Maldives’ Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture to operate as a diving Center.

We promote affordable recreational scuba diving and are passionate about promoting environmental awareness and responsible diving behavior. The company also strives to help make diving available to the Maldivian community and encourages young Maldivians to see scuba diving as a viable career option.

Mission statement:

It is our mission to offer customers a professional, reliable, safe and affordable service. We seek to provide the best services in Maafushi for diving and water-sports as well as delivering customer satisfaction every time.

Other Commitments:

IMG_1906We are dedicated to fostering responsible diving behaviour and as such are affiliated with the Project AWARE foundation; a non-profit organisation founded by PADI, focussing on conservation of fragile marine environments. In addition, Maafushi Dive strives to educate the people of the Maldives about the importance of caring for and protecting the environment. It is also important for us to encourage and enable young Maldivians to embark on a career in scuba diving though internships, training and employment.

Bauer Pure Air Station

Pure Air StationMaafushi Dive has taken carefully calculated measures to ensure that the air in every Maafushi Dive tank is certifiably clean and pure.  Our Bauer compressor system produces compressed air that is tested to the highest standards by trained Bauer service professionals.

Bauer Pure Air Centers worldwide

You can also find us through the Bauer PureAir station locator hosted on the Bauer website. Upon entering the site, drag the world map over to the Maldives and zoom in to our Maafushi location pinpointed by the red and white diving flag to find us.

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